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Roundtable Book Discussion: Russian Security in the 21st Century

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Lundi 3 juin 2019

13:30 - 15:00
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Frederic Lasserre Building - LASR 105
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Avec le soutien financier du Fonds de soutien pour les séances interdisciplinaires de la Fédération des sciences humaines

This roundtable panel will feature an in-depth discussion of major themes in Russian security and foreign policy.  The session will start with presentations by four of the contributors to a newly published book edited by Roger Kanet, Routledge Handbook of Russian Security, which includes a comprehensive collection of essays on all aspects of Russian security and foreign policy by scholars from across the world. The volume identifies key contemporary topics of research and debate and highlights the changes that have occurred in the study of Russian security strategy since the end of the Cold War. The four authors on the panel will discuss a wide range of topics based on their own essays, and they will also touch on the book as a whole, explaining how it enriches and goes beyond the existing literature.

The co-host for this event is: 48 - Canadian Political Science Assocation (CPSA) / Association canadienne de science politique (ACSP)