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Indigenous Literary Studies Association

Association N° 307
Indigenous Literary Studies Association (ILSA)
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Lundi 3 juin 2019 - Mercredi 5 juin 2019
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The Indigenous Literary Studies Association invites scholars, knowledge-keepers, writers, artists, and community members to reconsider dominant discourses of reconciliation through explorations of Indigenous literatures as literatures of truth, reformation, reclamation, resurgence, and redress. This conference seeks to animate “redress” as the missing word between truth and reconciliation in Canada. Without redress, reconciliation will remain a vague, imagined ideal of a happy, inclusive country where “sharing” means that nothing changes for either Indigenous peoples or non-Indigenous Canadians. We are at a moment in time when talk about reconciliation proliferates while truth continues to go missing in numerous discursive arenas (corporations, governments, education systems). We suggest that between truth and reconciliation is a gap that can only be overcome by the restoration of and compensation for lands and resources stolen from Indigenous peoples. Beyond land and treaty rights, Indigenous sovereignty, languages, and kinship affiliations need to be restored. Indeed, some of the most vibrant invocations of Indigenous self- determination and calls to action come from our literary arts. The Indigenous Literary Studies Association welcomes participants to consider truth, sovereignty, and redress in connection to Indigenous writings in their multiple and expansive dimensions, including discussions of literature, film, theatre, performance, storytelling, song, hip-hop, and other forms of narrative expression. We support diverse modes of creating and disseminating knowledge. Prospective participants are invited to propose conference papers, panels, roundtables, workshops, performances, and other formats for special sessions. Panel sessions will be 90 minutes in duration, including at least 15 minutes for questions and discussion. In keeping with our desire to enable dialogue and community-based learning, we welcome session proposals that utilize non-standard or alternative formats.
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Updated : 2019-05-03
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Date & time Event Hosted by Série
4 juin -
10:30 - 11:30
Responding to Truth and Reconciliation through Indigenous Literatures: A Conversation between Maria Campbell and Nicola Campbell Indigenous Literary Studies Association Événements d'association, Événements sur la réconciliation
4 juin -
19:00 - 22:00
2nd Annual Indigenous Voices Awards Indigenous Literary Studies Association Événements d'association
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Le 5 juin 2019
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Michelle Coupal, University of Regina

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Deanna Reder, Simon Fraser University

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