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Association canadienne des études sur le handicap

Association N° 293
Association canadienne des études sur le handicap (ACÉH)
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Samedi 1 juin 2019 - Lundi 3 juin 2019
Pour participer à cette conférence, veuillez vous inscrire au Congrès et ajouter ACÉH N°293 dans la section 3 du formulaire d’inscription.
L’inscription est requise pour tous les congressistes, y compris les conférenciers, présentateurs, organisateurs et ceux/celles qui président ou participent à une séance.
In keeping with this year’s conference theme, “Circles of Conversation,” invites us to re-imagine, expand, and open our communities, and to elevate and centre disability and diversity through our theorizing, activism, and art. CDSA-ACÉH represents over 100 members and over 300 persons on social media, whose cutting-edge scholarship makes both theoretical and practical contributions to interdisciplinary knowledge and research. Our conference presenters come from a wide range of disciplines, including women and gender studies, sociology, social work, nursing, community health, education, law, as well as a substantial representation from disability studies programs. Our goal is to host a conference that is as accessible as possible and that offers students opportunities to participate in the burgeoning, interdisciplinary field of disability studies. The Canadian Disability Studies Association is committed to accessibility and inclusion. Conference facilities will be wheelchair accessible and plenary events will be supported by live captioning and ASL with breakout sessions provided same upon request. Please indicate need for accessibility accommodations when registering in order that we can ensure your full inclusion or email
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