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Association canadienne de rédactologie

Association N° 215
Association canadienne de rédactologie (ACR)
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Samedi 1 juin 2019 - Lundi 3 juin 2019
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The CASDW conference, Circles of Writing Studies, focuses on core circles of research and conversation within which our field operates. The association is devoted to the study and teaching of discourse, writing, and communication in academic and nonacademic settings—higher education, business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Playing on the Congress theme, our conference is organized around circles of conversation, research, and pedagogical innovations related to discourse and writing. The conference encourages a variety of creative and diverse formats such as 5 slide x 5 minute presentations on current work in the field, workshops on publishing in the organization’s journal, CJSDW, a multi-organization forum designed to facilitate collaboration between scholarly organizations, and a conversational circle that facilitates self-reflexivity about being in the field. CASDW showcases work in writing studies, genre studies, rhetorical theory, writing centre theory and practice, and professional and technical writing research and practice. It also includes work that connects with CASDW’s heritage. The 2019 Conference celebrates two high profile speakers, International Keynote, Dr. Andrea Lunsford, and Closing Plenary, Dr. Anthony Paré.
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Date & time Event Hosted by Série
2 juin -
11:00 - 12:30
“What's Talk Got to Do with It? Rethinking the Writing/Speaking Relationship” Association canadienne de rédactologie Événements d'association
3 juin -
11:00 - 12:30
Circuitry: How can we work together? Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English, Association canadienne de communication, Association canadienne de rédactologie Événements d'association
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-writing and discourse studies -rhetorical genre studies -writing pedagogy -institutional models of writing instruction
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Le 25 janvier 2019
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Le 2 juin 2019
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Dana Landry, University of the Fraser Valley

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Dana Landry, University of the Fraser Valley

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