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Association canadienne des études hongroises

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Association canadienne des études hongroises (ACÉH)
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Samedi 1 juin 2019 - Lundi 3 juin 2019
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In keeping with the Congress theme “Circles of Conversation,” the title of our 2019 conference is "Beszélgetések/Conversations: Hungarian Studies for the Twenty-First Century." This year, we encourage presentations and interactive sessions that explore relationships between universities and the communities that academics and institutions of higher learning serve: local, provincial, national, transnational, and global. In this vein, presentations that foster and/or reflect upon circles of conversation among scholars, educators, students, political leaders, activists, and the public at large would be most welcome. We also encourage presentations and sessions that focus on art as an important form of engaged scholarship in the humanities and social sciences, or on other key topics identified by the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences. These topics include, but are by no means limited to, questions of sustainability, accessibility, global mobility, health, culture, and education. As Hungary prepares to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the Cold War, and the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary, conversations around the key themes and topics suggested by Congress are perhaps as relevant now as ever. With universities and the societies that sustain them currently in flux, how do we promote and ensure critically-engaged conversations about key issues of the past, present, and future? How, in turn, do we remain innovative and relevant as scholars in a world undergoing rapid change and transformation, and how do we envision Hungarian studies for the twenty-first century?
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1 juin -
16:15 - 18:00
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Little Known Hungarian Avant-Garde and Neo-Avant-Garde Association canadienne des études hongroises Événements d'association
1 juin -
18:30 - 19:30
Piano recital by Hungarian concert pianist Judit Gabos Association canadienne des études hongroises Événements d'association
2 juin -
13:30 - 14:45
The Aftermath of World War One in Hungary: The Legacy of the Republic of Councils a Hundred Years On Association canadienne des études hongroises Événements d'association
3 juin -
11:00 - 12:30
"How It Happened": New Insights on the Holocaust in Hungary Association canadienne des études hongroises Événements d'association
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Le 18 décembre 2018
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Le 2 juin 2019
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Steve Jobbitt, Lakehead University

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Agnes MacDonald, Columbia College

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