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Canadian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies

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Canadian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (CACLALS)
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Samedi 1 juin 2019 - Lundi 3 juin 2019
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Founded in 1973, CACLALS was created in response to what was, at this time, identified as the burgeoning field of Commonwealth literature. Today, CACLALS brings together Canadian and international critics, scholars, teachers, students, and creative practitioners who share an interest in postcolonial studies and global anglophone literatures, as well as related theoretical avenues such as diaspora and indigenous studies, to name a few. Postcolonial Studies has always been mobilized by theoretical and material “circles of conversation”—that is, it has come about as a field rooted in acts of listening and speaking. One might say that “postcolonial listening” is inherently dialogic, drawing on and contesting a wide range of disciplinary modes of inquiry, from the anthropological to the environmental. Postcolonial listening also takes place in the nexus between the local and the global, encompassing the national and subnational; and as we move toward an era of greater intersectionalities, postcolonial studies continues to listen for possible alliances, both within and beyond the academy. In the spirit of "postcolonial" circles of conversation, this conference will reflect on critical, theoretical and creative acts of listening and speaking. What are the conversations that “postcolonial” studies has failed to adequately address? What are the silences, gaps or points of erasure in postcolonial circles of conversation? What are the new conversations generated by or beyond the field, in terms of new theoretical crossroads or points of intersection, new forms of alliance, new acts of cross-cultural listening, new comparative mappings, etc.? How do we approach modes of listening in the context of indigenous knowledge (such as notions of “deep listening”)? How does listening occur across species boundaries? How does the aesthetic or creative facilitate original modes of listening and speaking? The conference will include panels, collaborative interdisciplinary events, roundtable discussions (including a session on the current academic job market), and will feature keynote speakers Dr. Jasbir Puar (Rutgers University) and Dr. David Chariandy (Simon Fraser University).
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Updated : 2019-03-27
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Postcolonial studies, Global anglophone literatures, Indigenous literatures, Canadian literatures
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Le 15 janvier 2019
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Le 2 juin 2019
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Mariam Pirbhai, Wilfrid Laurier University

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Stephen Ney, The University of British Columbia

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